The Little Big Game is the moniker given to the oldest High School Football Rivalry in Monterey County. The first encounter between the two South County teams took place in 1931.

But ask anyone who has played in this game and the story goes much deeper than that.  Just saying the three words “Little Big Game” quickens the heart, invokes deeply rooted emotions, and brings back memories of both cherished friends and hated foes.

This site attempts to give background to this rivalry.  We hope to be a resource where present and future participants of the Little Big Game can go for context and get a sense of their historic role. We also hope to be a place where the generations of past participants can go to and reminisce.

Thank you for visiting, we hope you become familiar with a major part of Monterey County History, the story of the Little Big Game!

Links to other Rivalry games in Monterey County:

Shoe Game: Pacific Grove vs Carmel, started in 1947.
Battle of the Bay: Monterey vs Seaside, started in 1962.