is run by a small group of “Big G” fanatics. We coach, fund raise, support, and revolve our life around Spartan Football. We enjoy listening to and retelling the stories of the “old days”. We sing the School Fight Song on a regular basis.

The main person behind the site is Eddy Ramirez. Eddy is a proud GHS alumni and at the time this website started he was serving as the GHS Football Varsity Defensive Coordinator and president of Shield Bearers.

Why this site

The idea for this site came about when we were shocked at how the focus of the young Spartan football team was on winning the Heritage Trophy from Soledad and not on beating King City for the Megaphone. Since learning of this, we have done our best to educate the young Spartans on who our rivals truly are and on instilling an overwhelming desire to win the megaphone. We have worked to instill pride in being a protagonist in the oldest rivalry in Monterey County. This site is just an extension of that effort.

So if this site seems one sided and appears to focus on the Gonzales story more than the other side, you’re probably right. It’s slightly on purpose. It’s because we bleed Orange and Black.

Maybe in the future if someone from the other side proposes to join forces we’ll work together. Perhaps we’d do it to increase awareness of the Little Big Game’s rightful place in history. It saddens us that during the 2019 season other rivalries in the county received more attention for being “historic” and “traditional”.

Go Big G!!