Lets talk a little more about the characters in this story of rivalry and tradition.

Prized Megaphone

The megaphone is the perpetual trophy that is given to the victor to hold for 1 year, until the combatants meet again.  The winner writes the score and year on the megaphone, ensuring their victory is recognized by future generations.  There are actually two megaphones, an original with the dates from 1931 – 1979, and the bigger more recognized Megaphone starting from 1980 to present day.  Both go to victor, but the original is usually kept behind closed doors so as to not cause damage.

Traditionally, the head cheerleader of the losing team presents the megaphone to the head cheer leader of the victorious team.  The head cheerleader then presents it to the football team and the celebration begins.  In recent times, tradition has been ignored and the victorious team runs and grabs the megaphone and celebrates.

In 2019, in an effort to observe tradition, the Spartans Cheer team retrieved the megaphone from the display table and presented it to the Spartan Varsity team before celebrating.

When exactly the megaphone made it’s first appearance, and why a megaphone instead of some other object is not yet known to us.  If you have information on this we would love to hear about it, please reach out to us through our contact form.


The mascot for Gonzales High School are the Spartans.  GHS represents the northern part of South Monterey County.  At one time this included the cities of Soledad, Chualar and of course Gonzales.  In recent times as the city of Soledad built it’s own high School, GHS Spartans are now represented by students from the city of Gonzales and Chualar.


The mascot for KCHS are the mustangs, representing the southern part of Monterey County.  KCHS used to include Greenfield and is now King City and the surrounding Rural Areas.