2019 was different because the Little Big Game had the two teams in the same league again.  This had not been the case for several years, but now both teams played in the PCAL – Cypress division.  The game took place at King City on October 4th, 2019.

The Spartans controlled the game for the most part of the game.  They ran several trick plays that took advantage of the aggressive KC defense but sputtered in the red zone.  Their Defense shut down the Mustangs for most of the night, with the Spartans winning 20 – 7 in the 4th.  With the reserves in, KC managed another score and brought the game to within 6 in the final seconds of the game.

The score ended with the Spartans on top, 20 – 14, but the game was never really in doubt.  The megaphone and bragging rights remained with the Spartans for one more year.


copy – Eddy Ramirez, GHS Alum c/o 1993

pics: Jocelyn Ramirez, GHS Alum c/o 2022